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Orange Bay Foods Website Greeting

Orange Bay Foods Co., Ltd. (OBF) has been established to exceed our customers'
expectations and provide the best quality beef patties at competitive prices for the Japan market. Orange Bay Foods was developed as a partnership between
3 companies with each partner providing their expertise to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our products.
State-of-the-art equipment is in use to ensure that the best products
are produced by using high quality, food safe and cost efficient methods.
OBF employees have been hired locally to support the local economy and have
been effectively trained using OBF’s sophisticated management system.
We are proud of our employees, our operation, our products and look forward to
servicing you soon.

Philosophy 3S of ORANGE BAY FOODS

Smile  -Widen the circle of smile through making beloved & excellent products-
The mission of OBF is to widen its "circle of smile" by manufacturing products that are beloved by every costumer.We have been working as a team, recognizing that the most important thing to accomplish its mission is to supply safe and high quality products at all times.We will continue to make every effort to meet the various needs of the present age and to contribute to the society.

Speed  -Speedy manufacturing by the state-of-the-art production line-
Our brand new plant, established in March, 2010 has equipped with the state-of-the-art production line.  We always reply our customer's requirement swiftly as one of the leading domestic suppliers. Furthermore, we have been keeping up with the times and demands from the society and have  organized a system which responds flexibly to a new product development and production.

Safety  -Safety is assured with the quality control, sanitation control and production control-
Quality is one of the most important aspects for a food manufacturing company.We select reliable suppliers and have been striving to procure high-quality and safe raw materials through examinations of the growing areas, suppliers of the raw materials and gathering information of raw materials.The production control is completed thoroughly day to day in our plant as well. The original management program has been developed and the strict quality examination and sanitation inspections of the workplace are conducted constantly.In these years where the food safety is more and more emphasized, we believe that supplying safe products gains customer trust and satisfaction.

Strategic Foundation
Vision Statement
OBF Aims to Become the Premier Food Provider to Japan's
Leading Branded Companies by delivering quality, innovation and
value within our core produsts, processes and sterngths.

Misson Statement
OBF prides itself on being a customer focused Value Added
Supplier and will create the best value for our Customers by being
the proactive leader in Operations Excellence.

Value Statement
・Do What is Best for our key Partner Customers
・Invest in our Partnerships
・Strive for Continuous Improvement
・Provide Innovative Solutions
・Work Together as a Team
・Act with Integrity

Company information

Company Name : Orange Bay Foods Co., Ltd.

Capital : 240 million yen

Business : Production of beef hamburger patties

Number of employees : about 90

Company History

August 2011 Won APMEA "Press On Award"

March 2010 Established

May 2009 Founded by Joint Venture of 3 companies

Company information

1-289-1, Miyauchi, Honai-Cho, Yawatahama, Ehime-pref