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OBF manufactures the highest quality products at all times.
Additionally, all products are made better and safer with every advance in production technology.

Securities and Sanitation

The production room entrance has a very tight security system.
Fingerprint identification is required for both entering and leaving the room.

Staff members are allowed to enter the production room only after donning clean uniforms, applying lint rollers, and proceeding through the air shower room. Then they will wash their hands with soap and sanitize them with alcohol spray, and apply rubber gloves.


<Receiving of raw materials>
Raw material beef blocks are stored in a purpose-built frozen storage unit.
All the raw materials are 100% pure beef from Australia and New Zealand.
OBF uses microbiologically safe raw materials only.

Raw materials are thawed in a huge tempering machine.
After thawing, they are stored in a purpose-built storage temporarily
to equalize the internal temperature.

Raw materials are then ground, or minced.

Minced products are molded into round patties with a forming plate.
Any misshapen patties are removed from the line as necessary.

Patties are immediately frozen on a belt which runs into a tunnel freezer.

The shape, weight and temperature of all patties must meet specifications.
Only patties that pass inspection are approved for packing in cardboard boxes.


Packed products are stored in a purpose-built frozen storage unit to await shipment.


<Organoleptic inspections>
Finished patties are to be sensory inspected.
The internal temperature of cooked patties, shapes, texture and flavor
are also examined.
Simultaneously, microbiological examinations are conducted.
Only patties with all quality approved are to be dispatched.


The permitted products are shipped.
The product temperatures are recorded.
Frozen truck compartment temperatures are also recorded prior to loading.
Then, they are to be shipped to the destinations.


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